I don’t really say much, and I’d like to make this clear. If you love me dearly, say it, don’t let me shed a tear.

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I wonder what I look like from a guy’s perspective…


Like when I laugh, I probably think that I look so cute:

Or like this:
But to him, I look like this:
Or when I’m admiring him from afar:
Out of the corner of his eye, he will see this:
So I’ll be like this:
But e
ven if I’m waving hi to him: 
I will always look like this:

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thaisbuttros said: Hey thanks for follow me *-*, today I'm passing on ask of all my followers!!
really enjoy your music and your posts ;)
have a nice day Xxx

thank you. <3 :))) I love your blog!!

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The awkward feeling when your best friend is called cute/pretty/beautiful all the time by guys and you’re sitting there like


Hermia and Helena from A Midsummer Nights Dream

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